Rathasapthami and importance of practicing 108 Surya namaskara

Rathasapthami and importance of practicing 108 Surya namaskara

Rathasapthami is symbolic of the change of season to spring and the start of the harvesting season. Rathasapthami is also known as surya jayanthi.  This year it falls on feb 19th 2021. It is an auspicious  festival in yogi’s life around the world and celebrated with the practice of 108 Surya Namaskara.

Rathasapthami is a time of new beginnings or a rebirth (new year in yogi’s life), which makes it a great time to take up spiritual  SANKALPA (resolution) and the fire (tapas or internal heat) that you build during this practice awakens our own inherent solar energy which will help us to move confidently towards our sankalpa. The suryopanishad states that people who worship the sun becomes powerful,  active, intelligent and acquires long life.Through practice of 108 Sun Salutation, this rathasapthami make your first step towards  new beginning, health and happiness in our life.

If you have not seen God, see the sun every morning,  he is the pratyaksha devata (Diety present before the eyes). We are because of surya naryana. Without  sun there will be no living beings will survive a day on this earth or else where. We are all the source of his energy and the sun’s energy is within us.

From the Sun arise all beings.The Sun sustains them all.Into the Sun they all vanish.What the Sun is,that I am.—Surya Upanishad

Surya namaskara is composed of three elements Form, energy and rhythm. Surya namaskara must be practiced steady and rhythamic sequence linked with breathe. It stretches, tones and stimulates all the muscles of the body from head to toe. Surya namaskara is not just a physical activity, it is first practical step in one’s Spritual journey. 
(Practicing under the experienced Guru is must for positive Benefits).

We will  start the practice from basics and will improve upto 108 Surya namaskara and celebrate  on the rathasapthami and continue this practice .

1) Who can practice Surya namaskara / yoga ?Ans: Anyone but not the ignorant and laziest one. 
2) How to come out of laziness and ignorance?Ans: By practicing surya namaskara and living yogic lifestyle. 

Advice by teacherMake yoga a part of our daily routine, just like brushing, eating, bathing, etc. Stop speaking negative, stop saying i want to start, stop finding excuses, stop Monday,  next month, new year game. 
Benefits of sun Salutation practice regularly.

1) Different muscle groups are stretched and contracted alternatively – no muscle strain.
2) Increased flexibility and stamina
3) Chakras awakening.
4) Deep breathing improves the function of the respiratory system.
5) strengthen the spinal column, stronger and flexible muscles.
6) Improves blood flow to the internal organs and its functions. 
7) Improves metabolism and digestion. 
8) Releases stress and helps the mind to be calm.
9) Glowing skin.
10) Corrects body postures and improves confidence. 

The classes happens everyday on zoom online. The teaching is completely free and if the students wishes can donate to the teacher (no compulsion) which will be of great help to continue teaching to more students and for long. 

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