Happy Students

Name: Sapna
Joining Date: 29th June 2020
Age: 47
Occupation: Medical transcription and Cuemath teacher

She is just 47 years old, Her attendance is 99 percent. Not 1 or 2 month, its almost 14th month now. Each day 2 hrs of practice.

No She was not flexible, she was not free. She had 2 jobs, works as medical transcription and cuemath teacher. Also she runs a business. She too was mother, wife.

She dint give me excuses, she just did everyday.

She started as a beginner, we started slow and today 2 hrs of practice, she does easily.

It’s not just chakrasana. During practice much more we do and learning.

Getting a dedicated and consistent students is very difficult today.

Very few we will get.

Finally, I’m happy to see all my students progressing. The efforts are paying off.


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