Sapna Manju

Enter the world of Happy Yoga Community by Bharath Sir and YOU will enter the world of happiness for life!!! Bharath Sir teaches yoga with utmost respect, love, and care. He prioritizes according to your needs. He not only takes care of your physical well-being, but also mental well-being too with his yoga classes, meditation classes, pranayama classes, and also yoga nidra. You just need to dedicate 1-1/2 hours of your day to spend the rest of your 23 hours peacefully and happily. He pays attention to even smallest details and corrects them just like a mother corrects her child. You are never tired of doing any aasana. In fact, you look forward to his classes every day. He is walking-talking encyclopedia of yoga!! who has mastered all forms of yoga (in fact he’s read infinite books too!!!!) (Ashtanga, Yin, Core, Power yoga etc.). Endurance, flexibility, muscle strength, mental health, and most importantly happiness is 100% assured with Bharath Sir ☺️💪🙏🙏😇🤩


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