About Us.

Namaste 🙏
The Happy Yoga Community

Established in 2016, with a intention to spread happiness & health through Yoga & grow together as one Happy community.

Who we Are?

A Govt registered Yoga Community School based in Ittamadu, Bengaluru leading by Shri. Bharath M Iyengar. Our world-renowned 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course is provided by 500hrs Yoga Alliance certified teachers.

“Nothing is more precious than your own breathe, hence practice yoga” _ Bharath M Iyengar

Yoga Class

Learn yoga & meditation from our expert & innovative instructors. Yoga works to improve health, heal aches and pains, and keep sickness at bay.
Mind Body Soul

Mind Body Soul

Learn the connection between the mind, body, and soul. It pertains to an individual’s mental, physical, and emotional/spiritual health.
Nutrition Strategies

Nutrition Strategies

Learn how yogic diet is based on the belief that our bodies are directly connected to our minds.

What we Offer?

Ashtanga Yoga
With more than 10+ years of experiences.
Yin Yoga
A slow-paced style of yoga as exercise.
Yoga Nidra
Deep relaxation and no movement is involved.
Power Yoga
Emphasizes the flow from one pose to the next.
Reprogramming the mind with guided meditation.
The practice of controlled breathing.

Workshops of the Week.

Yoga for EVERY body. Start your yoga practice today with the best yoga teachers, yoga classes, group and private yoga classes, workshops.


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